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Free delivery for orders over £50 worldwide.



AREA CODE has always stood for making a positive impact around the world and GOROM 3 marks our community’s debut in doing so. Helping children gain the best chance in life starting with education is our community’s focus with GOROM 3, which is a school located on the outskirts of Dakar, Senegal.  Understaffed, two single storey buildings accommodate 150 students and 4 teachers. Consequently, only half day teaching sessions are possible- a massive setback to fulfilling the potential of the local students here. So far AREA CODE has been working on the complete renovation of the buildings and thanks to our community have successfully installed toilets and electricity to both.  While this in itself is an impact, we have much to do and will continue to use our business to complete the installation of running water, digitisation of all the classrooms, and assist in the recruitment of additional staff so we can make an even bigger impact.  Every purchase made from our GOROM 3 collection enables us to continue our positive change here in Dakar. For a more comprehensive record of progress made at GOROM 3, sign up to our Membership Area and under My Account, Track School Progress.


Whilst our debut GOROM 3 collection marks our community’s goals for global education- this is only the beginning. At AREA CODE, we want to improve lives beyond the classroom, not only empowering children in schools- but in life. Whilst we realise that not every obstacle to a child’s future is preventable, there are plenty causes that are and through the growth of our community, at AREA CODE we aim to build resilience to as many of these as possible. From health and child protection, right through to facilitating food and water security, our vision is to transform livelihoods for the better and facilitate a child’s right to a brighter future.

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