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Free delivery for orders over £50 worldwide.

Poverty away! One flush at a time as toilets are installed at GOROM 3

AREA CODE have successfully completed the construction of separate male and female cubicles for GOROM 3. 

Prior to this, girls and boys have to go into the bushes some distance away to relieve themselves which not only is time consuming therefore effecting class time, but also posed threat of being bitten by local snakes.

At AREA CODE, we realise that a lack of adequate toilets at the school compromises children’s basic rights to sanitation, with sanitation- related illnesses such as diarrhoea resulting in missed school days and loss of fulfilling a child’s potential. Girls especially are affected, often having to skip classes during menstrual cycles since private, accessible toilets are not provided at the school.

By constructing the toilets, we want the students here at GOROM 3 to feel safe and dignified. Something for them to smile about. Our next step is to complete the supply of clean running water for hand washing and flushing facilities to aid in the adoption of good hygiene practices and develop safer sanitary habits to carry throughout their lives.

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