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Free delivery for orders over £50 worldwide.


We are happy to announce the successful opening ceremony for the water well built for the school GOROM 3 in Bambilor, Senegal.

The entire local community at Bambilor continue to be at the heart of the GOROM 3 project which started April 2018, and are extremely pleased with the progress made since then.

The GOROM 3 project remains an ongoing project for the Area Code Foundation and one AREA CODE will continue to support and be a significant part of as the foundation now look towards completing the regeneration of the school and improve the educational resources available. With sleeves rolled up, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to our AREA CODE community for helping to make such developments possible.

We look forward to the development of the water well being the first of many positive impacts by our AREA CODE community, as the brand grows.

For now, let’s continue to persevere and keep up the positive work :)

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