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Free delivery for orders over £50 worldwide.

Garden at Gorom 3

We have now started the work for planting fruit and vegetable trees around the Gorom 3 school which is located in Bambilor, Senegal. The progress of this part of the Gorom 3 project is funded through the sales of our items.

Our goal here is that the garden will help teach the kids how to harvest organic produce which can be used as food for the school and local community. Not to mention the awareness the trees will bring to sequestering carbon emissions. Once fully grown, the trees will serve as a great place for shade where students can relax, read their books and socialise.

This step would not have been possible without the building of the water well earlier this year through the Area Code community, which will keep the plants hydrated.

Our next step is to upgrade the electricity we installed at the school to a sustainable solution via the installation of solar panels. Once this stage has been successful, the improvements made at Gorom 3 through the Area Code Foundation have then been very helpful for the children and local community here in Bambilor. We would have successfully completed a sustainable electricity solution, provided clean running water through the water well, funded school equipment, and a garden.

The aim of our projects is to facilitate opportunity for people to grow- we believe bettering school facilities is one of the main ingredients for that.

Thank you to everyone who has supported Area Code in any way, the local community in Bambilor are also very thankful.



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