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Free delivery for orders over £50 worldwide.


Area code’s commitment to the children enrolled at GOROM 3 school remains unchanged as we continue to work hard through the challenges of the pandemic.

Through funds raised by the sales of our first collection and donated to the Area Code Foundation, our aim is to regenerate both the buildings that make up the school in a bid to facilitate opportunity within the Bambilor community. The first phase involved the building of sanitary toilet facilities, with the second phase resulting in the completion of fitted electricity.
The focus for the current phase of works to be done for GOROM 3 is the installation of safe, running water that is easily accessible to both students and staff members. The lack of clean water is widely known to contribute to poor health, with serious effects on students’ academic performance and attendance rates.

Last month, Area Code began work on the installation of a 287m‐long pipe to guide running water to Gorom 3. However, the completion of this work has since been refused by the local authority on the grounds that the other nearby schools will be without, which is not something the authority wishes to take responsibility for. To ensure our goal of providing clean water to the school is achieved, we have had to change tactics slightly by opting to build a water well which will operate on land entirely owned by the school. As our mission is to provide a positive impact to as many lives as possible, we believe that as AREA CODE grows, we will be able to facilitate running water to all the schools in the area because we will then have the budget to go ahead. However in order to do so, we have to start somewhere.

It is true that a great deal has happened in 2020 which is all the more reason why we are so happy to be able to share the extraordinary progress made on the water well built for Gorom 3. As we work towards the completion of this project, we will continue to update our members here. For any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via contact@area‐

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