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Free delivery for orders over £50 worldwide.

Children no longer in the dark! Electricity is here at GOROM 3

All classrooms at GOROM 3 now have electricity supply funded by AREA CODE. Most poignantly, longer study hours through reading and writing have now been made possible as lighting enables classes to be taught earlier in the morning and later at night.

Additionally, children now have a safe means to complete homework outside of class hours if they require it. Electricity here at GOROM 3 also facilitates digitalization into the classroom. Currently, a shortage in ICT technologies still remains as students rely heavily on donations of laptops, computers and TVs from AREA CODE.

We are currently working on providing one laptop per student. As our impact here progresses, students will have the means to incorporate  ICT studies in their curriculum which is known to reduce illiteracy and improve quality of education overall. This will be great for opening up future educational opportunities. 

Not only does electrification improve quality of education for students, but also improves teaching prospects for employed staff here. As AREA CODE becomes more successful commercially, we aim to provide staff with additional teaching training in ICT technologies so that this can be  integrated into the children’s education program.

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